Random Thoughts


If you know a fourteen year old girl willing to stack small squares as they catapult off the kicker, you are ahead of the game.  By stacking, the bales stay square rather than deforming while smashing and piling up in the wagon.  The bales will then travel up a conveyor system into the barn mow without hanging up.  Other parts of the country call it a hay loft.


Rather than straight lines on a fence, alternate the boards to get overlap.  Saves cutting to fit.  Plus, straight line butt-ended boards then have to be toe-nailed, inviting splitting and rot.  These posts are 9 feet apart to accommodate 10 foot boards.  Torx head deck screws were used straight on with a #10 washer under the head:  a poor man's button head screw.  Pre-drill the boards.  Good grip, easier to replace.


Old trees grow weak at the base.  Then the wind blows them over.  But not all is lost.  Often the flare at the bottom and the branches up top keep the trunk off the ground.  It can go several years without rotting. Tops and limbs that have stayed off the ground make good dry firewood.  From this point on, it helps to know a guy with a sawmill.


                                                                         Still a good idea.


This jenny donkey found her own way to our farm three days after our old Eeyore passed away.  I now believe in miracles.  She is the most gentle creature I have ever known.