We grow premium horse hay put up in small squares and large rounds.
Regrets:  Due to an unusually wet summer last year, good horse hay is currently scarce in this part of the country and all our hay from last summer is sold out.

  • Small squares prime horse hay.  Brome, rye, timothy, bluegrass, some clover.  No rain.  Tight bales.   Non-certified organic.  $6.00 per bale.  SOLD OUT
  • Small squares pasture/prairie grass.  $5.00 per bale.  SOLD OUT.
  • Small squares second crop alfalfa.  $5.00 per bale.  SOLD OUT.
  • Large rounds grass hay.  5'x5' bales weighing 1000/1050 pounds.  Market prices.  Email for current quote.  SOLD OUT.

Delivery generally not available, but we will help you load.

Contact hay@redhorsefarm.com if interested.